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The Process and Benefits of Coaching

  • I find out what you are stuck with and offer support to help you recalibrate your goals, by being CURIOUS and asking powerful questions. What do you want to achieve or what struggles can I help you with?
  • Clients will often achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently than they would if working on their own.
  • Improvements in personal insight and improved self-reflection.
  • Coaching will improve the quality of your life and your mental health making you feel more empowered and uplifted.
  • People may need a coach because people talk to themselves in circles, get sidetracked, and procrastinate. Don’t let your family suffer from (Ego). “Be the best you.“
  • I will help reframe your mind and motivate you to achieve your goals and focus or find your true purpose in life.
  • Transform your “I Should’s” into “I Must’s.”
  • I Make people see their blind spots, fears, and purpose so that they can learn how to use that, to help develop into the best version of themselves with their divine talents and skills.
  • I will support your passions and carve out a path or blueprint to get you to practice progress, discipline, development, and achievability.
  • I help people get their values in line and get what they want through a process called “aligned coaching.”
  • I coach you to help encourage, support, and believe in yourself even when you don’t until you have multiple BREAKTHROUGHS!
  • I will guide you into a deeper understanding of Self-love & Loving Others that will be Life Changing!
  • To have the knowledge that people live in a False Reality limited by the perception of yourself and the stories you tell yourself.
  • Help you stay accountable so I can help support you to take action and grow towards your goals, dreams, and desires.

    How Will I Coach You?

    Practically, my coaching consists of intimate and deeply powerful conversations. We develop a very personal and committed relationship with a promise to tell you the truth even if it’s uncomfortable.

    I am here to serve you, not to please you.

    That means:

    I won’t let you sabotage your own success by buying into limiting stories you tell yourself.
    I will not hold you fully accountable; you already do that.
    I will offer you new perspectives that will help you see yourself and your world differently.
    I will lead you away from your comfort zone and guide you out to your “edge.”

    At your edge, you will see how much more is possible and you will discover new choices.

    With new choices, you will be empowered to transform who you are, live more powerfully and have a greater impact on the world.

    Who do I Coach?

    I coach inspiring, creative men and women, who are on a mission to make a greater difference in the world.

    My clients are exceptional in many ways and have varied backgrounds and interests. I’ve worked with CEOs, millionaires, artists, musicians, NPO founders, therapists, lawyers, real estate investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home moms.

    My clients all have three things in common: they know they are powerful, they are committed to taking serious action and they inspire me!

    Coaching is available for:


      • Addiction and sobriety
      • Business, executive, and leadership coaching
      • Career Coaching
      • Dating & relationship coaching
      • Diet & Fitness coaching
      • Health & wellness coaching
      • Life skills coaching
      • Mental Health Coaching
      • Mindset Coaching
      • Spirituality Coaching
      • Sports Coaching

    What You Will Invest?

      • Depending on the program, my clients invest from $2,400 to $10,000 and work with me for a minimum of 90 days to a period of six months or longer.
      • Your investment is fully non-refundable and is paid in full, in advance.
      • More importantly, my clients invest their time, their energy, and their full focus on transformation.
      • My coaching is not for everyone.
      • For those who say yes, and to whom I say yes to, know this – your investment will be substantial and the results you create will be exponential.