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What are people saying about Tim Dolan and the Tim Dolan Coaching and Consulting programs?

Read these incredible testimonials from a few of Tim’s transformed clients!

“Tim, you’ve done more for me in two sessions than I’ve been able to accomplish in over two years of therapy!” 

Mike S.

“Tim listens deeply and “sees” me like few people can. From relationships to business, he’s helped me to come up with winning strategies, again and again and I trust him like a brother.”

John B.

“Tim is powerful. He helped me realize what was important so I was able to take the next step and get past my mental block.”

Jimmy O.

“After the 90-minute discovery call I immediately knew how my life was going to change and that was free.”

Bob S.

“Tim is a lifetime learner, explorer and adventurer and doesn’t mind asking the tough questions. When you see someone approach life as he does, where his own perspective is constantly being expanded, you realize that you’ve found an incredible partner in exploring your own view on life. Timothy has an intuition and adventurous spirit that guides you to a place where it’s safe to explore the depths of your own world in order for your most authentic self to emerge and finally be able to see what’s been missing in your life! He articulates things you struggle to put words to and the result is deep clarity and amazing new possibilities for your life.”

Celcilia B.

I have begun the Elite Mindset Program with Tim and I am already uncovering issues and obstacles that have been holding me back from reaching my full potential…  and we are still only in the first month!

Gregg M.